Deborah Sloss, LCSW

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
in Los Altos


Are you feeling:

  • anxious or stressed

  • worried or panicked

  • depressed and hopeless

You are not alone! 

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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

I specialize in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) with young adults (millenials) and other individuals making decisions about career, relationships and life transitions.

Therapy for Millenials & Young Adults

As a counselor, I enjoy working with young adults (millenials) who are adjusting to work and personal life transitions.

Crisis Intervention Counseling

I provide crisis intervention counseling and support around issues of trauma, grief and loss.

Parenting Teenagers

As a Los Altos therapist, I also offer support to parents around the issues of parenting teens and young adults in an increasingly complex environment.

Please see my article on Raising a Resilient Teenager in a Stressed Out Society.

Anxiety and Depression

Cognitive behavioral therapy is particularly useful for anxiety and depression.

Please see my article on Understanding and Coping with Anxiety.