Deborah Sloss, LCSW

Millenials & Young Adults

 Are you a teenager or young adult who is feeling stressed out and dissatisfied? Are you feeling like there is no one who really understands what you are going through?  Are you unsure about your future?

 According to psychologist Erik Erikson, the developmental task of adolescence is to successfully navigate the developmental phase of Identity vs Role Confusion. During this period, teens ponder the roles they will play in the adult world. It is during this stage that adolescents will re-examine their identity and try to find out exactly who they are. Mastery of this phase results in a successful transition from childhood to adulthood. Failure to establish a sense of identity can lead to role confusion. It was Erikson who coined the term identity crisis.

 While this can be a stressful time, it can also be a time to explore, try out different interests.  I can help you in this process of figuring things out.

 I have more than 10 years of experience helping adolescents and young adults successfully navigate the important transitions in their lives.  Please see my article:  Raising a Resilient Teenager in a Stressed Out Society to learn more.